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My sash windows are in a fairly bad state but I'd prefer to have them repaired and refurbed rather than replaced with modern equivalents.

Can anyone recommend any people/companies they've used to do this? Thanks

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Acorn sash windows on green lanes are good. Bit pricey but they do a good job 

I've used Acorn Sash Windows too for refurbishment and replacement, did a lovely job.

Had all our sash windows, casements and original style French doors repaired/replaced by Sash Restorations Ltd towards the end of last year. Based in Enfield, also not cheap but by no means the most expensive. They’ll advise on what they can repair and what needs to be replaced. Everything is draught-proofed and they repaint inside and out. Don’t often recommend people but very pleased with the results. 

Thanks, I've contacted those and will see how it goes.

Another +1 for Acorn.  They've just done the back of our house and we're very impressed.

Don't discount replacing some with double glazed sashes if you can afford to. We had some of ours refurbed and some replaced (by Acorn who did a good job with all the windows) with double glazed wooden sashes. Makes a big difference to the sound proofing and temperatures.  

I used Sash restorations too 4 years ago.  It cost me £1000 per sash window to make them double glazed.  They kept the casements and refitted new ropes.  The service was great but if I was to do it again, I would probably check out uPVC as well.  The profiles of uPVC sashes have vastly improved almost that you cannot tell the difference.  The are also easier to clean and maintain, however I did not want to entertain this at the time too due to environmental considerations.  However the quality of the wood Sash restorations used was poor imo and the security bolts have now loosened and the draught proofing deteriorated somewhat. You also do not get a FENSA document (guarantee) with refurbished windows. 

Have you considered doing it yourself? If you have the time and energy and space to work, that is.

It is quite 'finickety' and intimidating but once you've done once it isn't that hard

All material is available on line...e.g Mighton.. just to give one online outlet.

After getting several quotes and being let down by a few ....I bit the bullet and did some (3) of mine last year. Will try and do the rest this year. 

Historic England recommends keeping the old sash if you can. Good e...

Thanks all, I'm getting quotes for refurb and replacement and will see how the two compare.

I don't have the time (or the skills/space) to do it myself although I would quite enjoy that.

We had all our horrible 70s double glazing replaced by uPVC sashes by Oakwood Windows up in Southgate, they did a great job with minimal mess & reasonably priced. Our neighbours thought they were wooden sashes... 



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