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Last October, Don posted about the Salisbury's freehold being up for sale. Michael Anderson suggested that this might be the time to consider getting the pub listed as an asset of community value. This echoed something I suggested back in 2012

I took the idea to the LCSP because it's set up as a traditional formally constituted body of the sort that the council likes to deal with. I asked Ian if he would 'front' the application. We made a joint application in the names of the LCSP, the Gardens Residents Association and the Woodland Park Residents Association. Michael then worked to submit the application, with a little support from me and the LCSP. Thanks to Ian for gathering the requisite number of signatures and to all those LCSP members (I think it was about 25) who signed the application, also to the other residents' associations for supporting the application. 

Following some persistent work by Michael, I'm pleased to be able to share the good news that the application has been accepted and that the Salisbury is now a listed community asset.

A copy of the decision notice is attached.

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