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With the sale of the Council Depot to Sainsbury's agreed, a planning application will now be made.

I hope there will be a vigorous and well informed debate about this.

It's far from clear to me that Sainsbury's in Harringay has done anything for our neighbourhood except attract more traffic into the area.

So it's vital that there's been such little interest or local debate.

But, let's pass over my personal views spit-spot and have a look at what the experts have to say.

A quick trawl on the net offers the following:

  • There's a Friends of the Earth report from 2006 (pdf) which explains how, in their view, supermarkets are given planning permission because they're "difficult to refuse".
  • There's a Demos report from earlier in the year, Civic Streets, which argues that Big supermarket chains have a key role to play in regenerating Britain's poorest communities. Report author Max Wind-Cowie said: 'Major supermarkets are not the enemy of the Big Society. They have a role to play in helping deprived communities to regenerate by reducing stigma, boosting community morale and by bringing low-cost, quality produce into the area. 'It's easy to be cynical about mainstream retail chains, but they can be the game-changer for transforming perceptions within and outside of run-down neighbourhoods.' Quite whether this argument applies to Hornsey, let alone whether it's correct, I'll leave to you to decide.
  • And hot on the heels of that report there's a response from the New Economics Foundation, expressing the view that Supermarkets don't regenerate communities – they hoover money out.
  • Retail & Regeneration in London (rtf), from the Mayor's office, looking at benefits of supermarkets to deprived areas.
  • Then there's a thoughtful sounding piece (I haven't got access to it), From 'chains' to partnerships? Supermarkets and regeneration, which looks at alleged dis-benefits and possible benefits and offers the possibility for a hybrid solution in some areas — stores that are community owned but supermarket supplied and quality controlled.

So, it looks like you pays your money, you makes yer choice.

I guess what all this tells me is that there's plenty of thinking gone into the pros and cons of allowing new supermarkets to move in to an area. So, how was all this evidence, together with the experience gained in Harringay, used by the Council in making the decision to sell the Hornsey Depot land to Sainsbury's?

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Yes, Wightman is part of the Ladder. Ask OAE.

And, no, you wouldn't use the Ladder roads to get to Sainsbury's Harringay from east or south.

Re the rest - don't know. We just know that it was got spectacularly wrong around planning Harringay.
Ok so yes you would prob get an increase of traffic on Wightman but a decrease in cars ducking up and down the rungs surely? Am sure the council has its traffic bods working on it....they might even consult on it.....!
You'd trust the Council bods after the Harringay fiasco?
The information so far seems to be pretty sketchy but I see no mention of car parking, either for the Sainsbury's or for the 200-odd new homes. I hope the planners will insist that Sainsbury provide off-street access for the supply trunkers, unlike Tesco where supplies are unloaded in the main street.
That was supposed to be tongue in cheek hugh!!! Anyway off to play squash at the sauna known as the tottenham green leisure centre....obviously I would be tweeting this info if anyone cared....:)
Ah, ok sorry - my social media non-verbal meter malfunctioning!

Has anyone heard anything more about these plans (Sainsbury/Hornsey/new housing development)? It's been a long time since I've read anything in the local paper/online and it seems the supermarket still hasn't submitted a planning application to Haringey.

Personal view is big supermarket isn't needed and traffic around Hornsey is already bad so development of large site will only make it worse.

See attached relevant docs from some time ago (none of the timescales set out in the Council report appear to have been met).


wish it was waitrose



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