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Council's head of strategic planning says the Sainsbury's store at Arena retail park is safe for 5 years. After that members of a pension fund, who own the retail park & will be due for reviewing the site, will decide what will be best for the site for them ... as an investment - may stay as is or go to housing for example.

Thanks to Ian Sygrave for this.

PS. Pension fund is Coal Pension Properties Ltd. of 1 Curzon st. Mayfair. No Web presence it seems.

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Green Lanes seems to have plenty of small independent food shops selling good quality produce at reasonable - often less than supermarket - prices.

But futurologists tell us Emma that we won't need food (pills anyone?) & cars won't need petrol stations (electric) and with us all shopping increasingly on-line retail parks will become a novelty. With the fastest growth in university education being on-line (one lecturer beaming tuturiols to 100,000 students world-wide at Harvard already) who's to say schools won't go the same way (?)

The pension funds & sovereign wealth funds dictate investment in this country and most of them are based overseas. Surely 'they know best' our govts infer. Govt housing targets and recent subsidies announced by Osborne for house (tower) building encourage how these funds invest.

Btw, the CEO of Sainsbury's said recently that most of their investment is now going into smaller stores.

Schools are needed for their primary function, stopping young children from becoming criminals. Why do you think they bang on about attendance so much?

Looks like big changes in store for Sainsbury's/Argos/Homebase, which makes up a good chunk of the current shopping centre: "Thousands of Argos jobs at risk if Sainsbury's deal is struck"



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