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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Roller Skating in North London.

Happy Memories of Great times, Lifestyle and Music - Past and Present. Enjoy!

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Alexandra Palace ladies in Germany - l-r Chloe, Gwen, Chris, Marge & Dot - AP shirts always has red for the pillars & green for the grass.

Hi Edward 

where did you find that and do you have a date? I have never seen any pictures of my sister before! My sister is dot (Doreen) on the far right! 


Hi Edward 

just wondering if you saw my post about the photo, I hope all is good,


Hi Eileen - I can't remember where the photo came from - maybe Facebook - check out  https://www.britishskatinglegends.com/

Hi Edward 

That is a great website I was just curious as to whether You knew the people in the photo, I saw your earlier post about being in the junior team so that might answer the connection. 

have a lovely day and thanks for posting, 




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