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Reopening of Wightman Rd on Monday and additional CCTV camera near junction of Alroy Rd

Hi Everyone

Wightman Road will re-open at 5am on Monday, September 5th, following completion of the bridge works.

Following the re-opening, an additional CCTV camera will be installed near the junction with Alroy Road that should improve monitoring and enforcement to further discourage inappropriate use of the route by HGV’s. Signage along the road will also be increased.

Cllr Peray Ahmet has said that she remains committed to ensuring that Wightman Road it is as clean and safe as possible and will continue to work with the local community on the Green Lanes Traffic review, which includes looking at any concerns around traffic flow in the area.

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"that should improve monitoring and enforcement to further discourage inappropriate use of the route by HGVs" <- no chance that we can have narrowings South of Hampden, Willoughby at Green Lanes and on Alroy like they do in Islington? It would stop people from Tottenham coming over here with their Ferraris too.

Hi john

Hopefully you fed that in to the traffic study consultation ?

Chicane gates (as in Woodlands Park, for example) sound like a good idea but there are lots of other pesky large vehicles – dustcarts, Ocado and John Lewis vans, Dial-a-Ride buses, BT, Yodel deliveries, builders doing loft conversions, Virgin media vans, even fire engines and ambulances, etc – that need regular or periodic access, so would it work in practice? Would, say, Falkland/Frobisher and Umfreville/Burgoyne have to be designated as official routes in and out for larger (non-HGV) traffic? And can long vehicles turn the corners into or out of Wightman, which look pretty sharp and narrow to me? Here in Glenwood we get all the weekly Tuesday/Wednesday dustcarts, plus the Jewsons' lorries,  builders' white vans and general deliveries, etc, that need access to Woodlands Park for that very reason, but the road's a bit wider and there aren't the Harringay Heights to climb. 

Emina, why talk of "discouraging inappropriate use of the route by HGV's"? Shouldn't this be "enforcing the law against illegal use of the route by by HGV owners and drivers"?

Unfortunately, good old-fashioned English words such as illegal, criminal, immoral, sinful have surrendered to mealy-mouthed, lean-over-backwards-to-be-nice-to-the-bastards sort of words such as "inappropriate".  Let's start saying what we mean once again.

Alex, we've been hearing promises of "monitoring and enforcement" for the past decade or more. Words! But the words I objected to above were "discouraging inappropriate use" when we should expect "stopping illegal use".  Once upon a time the KoberKabinet had a Member for Environment & Enforcement. Now enforcement is almost a no-no word, being just Afterthought No.7 in Peray Ahmet's portfolio of pastimes.  Next year we will have a Kabinet Member for Discouraging Inappropriateness.  

"Cllr Peray Ahmet has said that she remains committed to ensuring that Wightman Road it is as clean and safe as possible"

I find it hard to square that with the fact that NO2 pollution has decreased around 25% across the whole area while Wightman has been closed, and yet Wightman is still being reopened? The council needs to address the problems of traffic flow on Green Lanes without poisoning the whole community.

NO2 has decreased in summer, during the school holidays. As it probably always does. Obviously, banning cars has decreased car-related pollution, you don't need a study for this.

A study, to be comparative has to be over a long enough and comparative period of time. May 2015 v July 2016 is not comparative in the least. Also, general weather (in particular wind) will severely affect levels of pollution. I am not saying the study is worthless, but it brings very little value other than to be used as cheap ammunition I am afraid.

Otherwise, we could also say: let's close the schools. Pollution went down during school holidays, so it must be the schools' fault.

It compares June 2015 to June 2016 as far as I'm aware so not the school hols
Actually it was July...school holidays normally start around 23rd/24th July
My wrong! But what is important is that the same two periods were monitored so that the data is comparable.
The study was done with the guidance of University College London air quality monitoring experts. Both years the study was done to match the nationwide local authority annual monitoring cycle, it ran for a month mostly during term time which is long einough to provide meaningful results, and for the results to be comparable.

Excellent news, it's been a long six months.



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