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Hi all

I renewed my parking permit today but could not see where I could print it out.

I have e-mailed the Council but they take approximately five days to respond.  My old permit expires on Friday so I am a bit concerned I may end up with a parking ticket.

Does anyone know if the Council give a few days grace for renewing, or if the traffic wardens have access to the Council's records to see that I have paid?

I'm planning to put a copy of the receipt in my car in the meantime.

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I think it very unlikely that you will be allowed days of grace. There was a long delay when I tried to change my permit to cover a change of car but I phoned and a very helpful lady immediately emailed the new permit AND sent a copy by post.

Good luck.

I also had a lot of problems renewing my CPZ permit this year.

After a lot of faffing they emailed my new permit to me. The number they gave me to call is 0208 489 1000, press 4 (parking services) then 3 (parking permit queries).

There are a few threads on a similar topic. Click the tag added under your post.

Thanks everyone for your replies -  very helpful

Yes I had the same issue and I emailed their accounts department. Immediately received a reply copying Tim.Gunn@haringey.gov.uk who is apparently in charge. I haven't heard back and mine runs out early next week.

i will try to call as others have suggested.

good luck all!

Hello, Bee,

I have had the same problem. The only way to get your permit is to go through the long waiting process by ringing the council. Once you give your permit ID and application number, they see you have paid and will e-mail it immediately. 

There’s a glitch with the system.

Needless to say, I am sending a letter of complaint, especially as there is no indication of this in their reminder letter or website and I have been told that this has been a problem since 1st April when there was a price hike. Neither do they warn you that you need to upload the car ownership/proof of address documents.

 I wouldn’t have faith in a traffic warden waiving the ticket, though have heard that a ticket can be appealed if one is issued and you have proof of payment (but we could all do without that hassle!).

Good luck!



Now sorted! I rang the Council and spoke to a very helpful lady who e-mailed the permit to me. It's so much unnecessary extra work for the people working in the parking department.

Dear All

I am sending this entire thread to parking and am asking for a full explanation and how they intend to fix this. It doesn't do much for the Council's reputation or indeed for building any confidence in us!

I will let you know what the response is. 


Zena Brabazon

Cllr, Harringay Ward

Thanks Zena.

It's unacceptable not to test things before they go live, especially when you have made such big increases in CPZ and visitors permit costs!

The second person I spoke to (the second time in one day that I had to wait for 30 minutes in a phone queue) was great, helpful, professional and good humoured - he deserves a medal, I'm sure there had been many frustrated and angry people calling in.

My permit runs out early next week although I paid for a new one a couple of weeks ago. As  you then can't print off the permit (despite the renewal  letter implying that you can)  I then sent Parking the receipt but have not heard anything further.

I tried ringing 3 times today using the numbers above but repeatedly got a message saying that they were very busy and the call got cut off.

Has anyone tried going to Customer Services at Wood Green as an alternative to trying to get through on the phone?

That's awful, it sounds like it's getting worse!

Wardens should be told not to ticket cars with recently expired CPZ permits.

Thank you, Zena!

i missed my flight on account of the hassles caused, as I had to put the car somewhere and it was too late to book airport parking.  I couldn’t risk leaving the car with an expired parking permit while I was away.

I understand there can be glitches in systems, but as this arose from 1st April when their prices were raised (that was what I was told when I rang the council), so they had plenty of time to inform residents. It would have made life easier if some warning was made in the reminder letter they send out, website or in the recorded message you have to listen to when you ring the council. They way it is currently presented, there is no indication that anything is any different from former years, when it was a smooth process of confirming your circumstances hadn’t changed, can make a payment and instantly print out the permit. 

Thank you you for your help with this!

With best wishes,

Fiona McElroy 



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