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Hi all

I renewed my parking permit today but could not see where I could print it out.

I have e-mailed the Council but they take approximately five days to respond.  My old permit expires on Friday so I am a bit concerned I may end up with a parking ticket.

Does anyone know if the Council give a few days grace for renewing, or if the traffic wardens have access to the Council's records to see that I have paid?

I'm planning to put a copy of the receipt in my car in the meantime.

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I went there on Friday as I realised the problem was that it was treating all applications as new ones with a five day turnaround and my permit expired that day, and when trying to make contact by phone I was consistently being told that demand was high and to call back later.

They were aware of the problem and apparently lots of people have been going in person. I took my number and was seen in about 20 minutes, and they couldn't have been more helpful.



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