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Wonder if any longer-term residents have heard of this group called Hornsey At War (who put out a homemade record in the early 1980s?


No one seems to know too much about them (no address on the record sleeve) but I can't imagine you would call yourselves Hornsey At War if you didn't know N8.

Any other chat about third division bands from round here much appreciated.

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We got the Raincoats and TG gigs on the coattails of the Peel session.  I was a terrible drummer.  I used to get really knackered and just stop mid song for a rest.  We were a bit ‘industrial’ so I think the audience imagined it was intentional.

Sunderland had a thriving scene in the late 70s.  The scariest gig we ever did was supporting the Angelic Upstarts in South Shields.  They had a pig’s head they used to throw into the audience when they did Liddle Towers.  The first time we played (Sunderland Poly student union) a gang of Hells Angels decided to attended.  We ended up locked in a store cupboard until the police cleared them out.

Will go a-hunting for that Peel Session! The TG world was/is fascinating to me. Went for a family pilgrimage down to their HQ in Hackney a while back - no longer as edgy as it was then. Former work colleague was friendly with all those people: the thought of them being friendly seemed completely wrong to me.

Those Upstarts records were/are great but it sounds from more recent stuff I read that Mensi was a complicated guy (20 odd kids by various partners, rep as a tough guy landlord). I had read about those pig's head shows: that must have been pretty intimidating.

I am from the opposite coast to Sunlun and Hell's Angels/Cycle Gypsies were still kicking around in the early 90s being creepy, so I can sympathise. Knobheads in their 40s still getting off on intimidating teenagers.

I was a bit of a TG groupie and went to Industrial Records HQ in Martello Street a few times before the band imploded.  I knew Peter Christopherson as I shared a flat with someone who worked for him at Hipgnosis. I went to as many of their performances as I could, including the one at the Centro Iberico when someone tried to set fire to the stage!  I think I still have the ticket somewhere.

Found it!

Cor! Great thing to have kept. Have just been googling cause I never knew where that venue was. Sleazy and his partner used to sell their records to the shop where I worked in W11, but that was mid-90s. He seemed very genial.

A new thread may be of interest to contributors to this one.

The male members of young people's experimental group Black Country New Road were living in and around the Gardens during lockdown (saying this now as they seem to have moved out).

Folk singer June Tabor worked for Harringay libraries in the 70s/80s and spoke fondly of the food at Yasar Halim.



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