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Proposed Safety and Accessibility Improvements for Wightman Road and Alroy Road Public Consultation

The changes to Wightman following the Harringay Traffic study have been revived out of the blue.

The main benefits of this should be slightly slowed traffic and less cluttered pavements.

The downsides will be:

  • the loss of real pedestriancrossing points - gthe replacement of traffic islands with "informal pedestrian crossings", which many fear will be laregely ignored
  • probably significant increase on parking pressure through the loss of parking places on Wightman road with the expectation that additional cars can be accommodated on the Ladder rung roads. This is set against the backdrop of  wildly inaccurate parking space usage calculations. For example the Council calculate that my road has an overnight spare parking space capacity of 30%. Ask anyone who ives here and they'll tell you it's more like 0%.

The thread about these particular changes from the start of the year can be read here. (The full set of threads around the traffic study can be accessed by clicking the tag at the bottom of this discussion).

Please answer the consultation and give your views. Once it's done. it'l be too late to change for many years. Full set of documents attached.

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Always thought that junction is too small for a roundabout. Although not particularly popular it needs a traffic lights system installed to make it safe for pedestrians, cyclists & drivers.

In the 1970s it was a T-junction and traffic would back up on Wightman Road southbound every morning, so there was a campaign for traffic lights, which I recall was turned down by Haringey on grounds of overall reduced traffic flow (which would be even more reduced now with the compulsory 'all green' phase), hence the mini-roundabout instead. 



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