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Also taking on Muswell Hill and Stoke Newington Post Offices. They already have East Finchley. Will Harringay be next?

It's probably the best we could hope for, but I fear that we're more likely to go the way of Wood Green.

The owner of Universal Office Equipment (UOE) is not interested in taking on Harringay. I asked him at the sham of a public consultation over Muswell Hill and he admitted what we thought: people in Harringay are not the right environment for the high end stationary he sells in his other outlets! He said the same about Finsbury Park which has been picked up by an independent who admitted he was only going to pay the minimum wage which is around £9k less than the Union negotiated rate!

The other difference in Harringay is the plan is to vacate the current location.

Please join us outside the Crown Office on Green Lanes on Saturday 9th December from 10am - David Lammy MP  is due to join us at around 11.30am.

We are looking for a Xmas feel to our protest so anyone with any unused decorations please get in touch.

If UOE are as creatively 'only connect' in their thinking, and as supportive of local community and budding SMEs as their website claims, they could surely do something to put Harringay/Gr Lanes on the map - for something other than multi-bayed kebab consumption - by incorporating the present Crown P.O. with their 'universal' office services etc in the adjacent former Nationwide/Gibraltar Crooks & Abbey/Santander premises.  Certainly a better solution than a Maqsood P.O. counter, or the WG W.H. Smith effort,  and probably better than some of the other reshuffling they will have to do in Crouch End, Stoke Newington etc. Presumably all three premises were originally A2 Financial/Professional class - apart from the shortlived Betfair aberration.  Depends, of course, on how ambitious UOE may be. 

Don`t forget there`s a very good Post Office that seems to be underused in Turnpike Lane

I use it all the time Glyn. Pleasant and efficient staff.

The chaps who run the Turnpike Lane PO are lovely and the store has been revamped. It does seem underused though, which is a worry.

"The chaps who run the Turnpike Lane PO are lovely" +10 This place is a real pleasure to use. It's staffed by humans who are helpful and humorous. After one visit, the door of the "Post Office" in WH Smiths I will never again darken. 

Crouch End post office is run pretty bizarrely now.  I go there rarely but recent experiences have included someone trying to sell me life insurance when all I wanted was proof of posting, and a 15% discount given on a parcel because the server behind the counter felt like it and for which I was ordered to thank her.

I hope things become a bit more professional with the new regime.

You see this drives me mad. I understand that the post office force the staff to do this but when the queues are so long, there's just no need for it. I can read all the posters while I'm in the queue for 20 mins, thanks though.

This (and worse) is what happens when our government sells off our assets to enrich the private sector. 

Foreign postal rates are often cheaper than ours. Their Post Offices subsidy gives their small businesses a competitive advantage which pays back the subsidy with a profit. They realise how strategic the Post Office is, how it can fuel the economy, returning us more than invested. Rather than sell-off this public asset, they happily buy market share in the UK, profiting from our expensive mistake in selling it off.

Our right-wing government is happy for any government to own strategic services here as long as it's not us - political incorrectness gone mad!  

Many people are now joining the Save Harringay Crown Post Office Campaign, to stop Post Office Ltd replacing it with a downgraded franchise model. This will lead to an inferior Post Office for customers and local businesses. Crown Post Offices offer a dedicated specialist service, by highly skilled, trained Crown Post Office staff. In a franchised Post Office, new employees will be on lower terms and conditions, and the premises will be at the back of a shop with much smaller space and fewer counters. The Post Office will be secondary to a primary retail business, in a hope that the footfall created by the Post Office customers will increase the retail business profits. In places where this has not happened, the franchise has closed the Post Office, with a loss of all services. Even if you don't use the Post Office, many people rely on it. You can help by joining the campaign. Please contact n1posties@hotmail.com



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