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Looks like a helicopter just landed in or near Finsbury Park, police cars heading that way too. Anyone know what's going on?

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Air Ambulance - a red one. Police is black/yellow normally. A sirened vehicle (couldn't see whether police or ambulance) went up Umfreville Rd shortly before.

Thanks Gordon, I couldn't see clearly enough if it was police or air ambulance. Hope whoever is injured going to be alright. Lots of activity out there. 

Air Ambulance tends to hover lower than Police Helicopter

As looking for Safe Place to Land. Also has a lighter engine tone that Police one

Joys of Life these Days in Troubled North London

Police one was hovering over Noel Park Estate / High Road. Early hours this Morning from 0100 Longest I have herd them Hovering. But did not hear or See Police Cars passing 

Just seen a Territorial Support Group vehicle going down into Lausanne Road, accompanied by thunder and lightning (possibly unrelated). Don't we live in exciting times ? 

We do indeed! keep hearing sirens too, darkened skies and lightening. Amazing storm, all that rain we didn't have for months coming now. 

The helicopter couldn't have landed in this sort of weather. Hope whoever they picked up is safely in hospital.

This from Nigel Lupton who lives on Endymion.

Also from Twitter.

Oh dear, that's sad if it's the case. I did think it might be something like this when first saw the helicopter and heard the police cars rushing down Green Lanes. 



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