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Bit of a niche ask, but does anyone have a recommendation for a pocket watch repairer?

Specifically replacement of the glass face.

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There's a guy on the east side of greenlanes just before the bridge, he's next door, or there abouts, to the locksmith who's address is 79 Grand Parade, London N4 1DX

You could try these https://www.alsalwatches.com/

I use a watch shop in Midhurst, they are called J E Allnutt & Sons they are excellent website is littlecogs.com

Thanks all, great suggestions. Will pop into the Green Lanes spot, but presume pocket watch repair is a distinct skill so will contact the other two. Appreciated!

I found that the Green Lane chap really knows his stuff when needing repairs about 5 years ago. I think he has been doing this all his life if I remember the conversation correctly.

Thanks Elfi, will definitely be giving him first option on the repair!

I think the main issue is getting hold of the spares rather than the skills required.

Not local, but I’ve used The Watch Service Centre in Clerkenwell Road (www.watchservicecentreclerkenwell.co.uk) for servicing and repair of my very elderly wristwatch for years. John Lloyd is one of the few remaining specialists in what used to be the centre of London’s watchmaking and repair trade, and I’m sure he’d be able to help. Restricted opening hours and a tiny shop, so check the website first, but latest post says he was reopening last week.



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