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Please remind me, what are the detective books set around Haringey?

I saw the books mentioned on HoL years ago & immediately went & bought two from the series. I really enjoyed them & ended up giving them to friends & neighbours to read.

The stories are based around here, the main character works for the local newspaper but ends up getting involved trying to solve some local crimes. I seem to remember one of the books involved a chase scene around Tottenham. Does this ring any bells with anyone? It’s been long enough that I’d like to buy & read them again!

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Funny you should ask that. I asked Liz the same thing just last week. From what she told me, I dug up this thread. Is that the one you mean?

Ah, I thought you’d know! Yes, thank you! It’s these two, i really enjoyed them & throughly recommend :)

Matt Baylis

M.H Baylis has written two books set in and around Wood Green starring local reporter Rex Tracey. The first is Death at the Palace which Matt followed up with The Tottenham Outrage this year.

there are actually three! The third is Black Day at the Bosphorus Café.

I wish he'd write more.

Clever, Matt! Bought my copy of TTO

There's another writer of crime dramas set very firmly in this area too. I remember two (but not the author). One set around Geen Lanes and featuring a dramatic gang fight in the corridors and staircases of Shopping City and a spooky, witch-y one which I imagined set in Highgate or Queens Wood. I'd be glad to re-read them some time.

They sound interesting. You don’t remember either titles? Is one of them Her Fearful Symmetry? https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/6202342-her-fearful-symmetry



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