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Please help this Crouch End Zombie Short 'I Am Lonely' win a prize

As writer Jonathan Brown says:

'I Am Lonely' is the only UK short film to be chosen as a finalist for the NFB Canada Short Film Competition at the Cannes Short Film Corner. The film with the most 'likes' on youtube wins. You can watch and like it here http://bit.ly/iamlonely (and below). It was shot on a micro budget in Crouch End.


They're in second place at the moment and voting ends on Wednesday (18th May 2011) - all you have to do is 'like' the 8 min Zom-Com (shown in full below) which was filmed in Ritchie House, Hazelville Road, just off Hornsey Lane.  As reported by the Tottenham and Wood Green Journal Simon Pegg (another Crouch End zombie filmmaker, who filmed part of Shaun of the Dead in Crouch End) has already tweeted his support - please help them win!


This site seems to be very helpful and friendly to local creatives (here's a previous post about a Crouch End Zombie movie - 'Colin', dir Marc Price who is now even more successful), so please, post a message below if you 'like' the film - results are due on Saturday. Hopefully it will help Producer Phil Haine and Writer Jonathan Brown,  who are in Cannes as I write this, win the competition, sign deals there because of it and thus go on to even bigger things.

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I love it and i 'liked' it. Always thought Zombies as a metaphor for Crouch Enders was perfect. Great acting too, well done

Thanks James - I don't generally like Zombie movies myself - find them boring.  I have noticed however that the early ones staggered, but nowadays they run!

Fellow Crouch End resident Simon Pegg has done his bit to slow them down though - I liked this quote from him on IMDB:

When asked by an interviewer why they chose to have slow moving zombies instead of running zombies, Simon Pegg simply replied, "Because death is not an energy drink."

Romero invented the modern zombie and everyone copied and still copy him. 'Day of the dead' has a black guy in alabama shooting red necks in the head. It was more of a political film than... .. . wait... .. . this isn't the place to discuss. Don't get me started on movies ... .. .

Can't watch it. It says "this video is private" and you need permission from the owner to watch it ...


Sorry - they seem to have moved it and I'm no longer sure if you can vote as the contest may have ended.

Here's the new location:

Its moved because the competition is over - I'm pretty sure this tweet means it won 

National Film Board
Congratulations to the winner of the 7th Online Short Film Contest, I Am Lonely: Thanks for voting!! 

Yaay - appreciate the heads-up MAc Heath!  Thanks Liz, Hugh and everyone here at HarringayOnline for supporting this - the crew are coming to Feast on Film (a free event every 3rd Wednesday at Moors Bar in Crouch End; showing new short films and often featuring their creators). If anyone who voted attends, I will buy you a drink.

It's a relaxed evening with a mixture of ordinary locals like me who like film, and film industry people (around 20 people usually attend, sometimes a lot more). We get to see several short films and hear from those who made them. If you come next month you should be able to meet the winning filmmakers assuming they make it back from Cannes in one piece.

As the film was shot very quickly around the corner with a tiny cast for almost no money, it might inspire you to create...



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