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Petrol lawn mower - repair advice wanted for the mechanically challenged

My petrol lawn mower (2nd hand when I got it, so of unknown age) starts but then splutters and dies within a few seconds. My brother (who is more mechanically minded than me) thinks it is probably the carburetor that needs cleaning/unclogging/repairing.

I wouldn't even know where to start.

Does anyone have any recommendations for somewhere I could have it fixed? Or is it so easy that I should be able to do it myself...?

I've got a very annoying half-mowed lawn right now...

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A bit late, perhaps, but they have pretty basic engineering. Not like a 21st century car.

There are lots of Youtube videos showing how to do it. Just search for your make and model number.

This happened to mine after a winter in storage. The carb gets bunged up. Youtube video helped me fix it but it is really for someone with some experience of tinkering. Not sure if you could pay someone to do it. Second hand petrol mowers go from around £50 on ebay.....

If you've a mechanically minded friend or your brother is within reach, this book might also help (more of a proper workshop manual but out of print) 


or this book (more of an enthusiasts' guide, the author set up the National Lawnmower Museum, Southport's greatest claim to fame, who knew??) 


PS Addressing your original question, unless the Sunshine Garden Centre in Bounds Green can help, sorry I'm out of suggestions beyond the group of garden centres/nurseries out in Crews Hill.  I suppose your lawn's a whole lot less half-mown now..... [ducks]

Ha, yes. It's now half needs a mow, half some sort of ecological preserve. The cat seems to like the really long grass though...

My bro came round and had a tinker and couldn't make any headway. I think I'll buy a new mower (this one was second hand already...)

It's unfortunately the way now that often it's cheaper to buy new than repair.

I looked at new mowers here:-  http://www.cheapeststuff.co.uk/cheap/9/

Curiously, the only bad review is for one at the higher end of the price range.



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