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Finsbury Park is not safe to travel through, particularly at dusk, dawn and when dark. Community, inc Children are unable to access sports facilities via lit pathways (sharing on behalf Friends of Finsbury Park)  There is no lighting, minimum CCTV and  patrol and the Park is commonly referred to by locals as lawless and dangerous. 

Please sign and Share this petition, directed council and Met police (Background detailed via link) 


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I seem to remember that the low level lighting in Finsbury Park is because it is inhabited by bats and there are legal limits as to how much you are allowed to change their habitat.

I'm a lover of star light. Of course we need to be safe but tempered with the idea that every single area should be flood light. hope this helps.

Yes please - I have signed - I would love to have lights along the main paths / roads.  The tennis courts are beautifully floodlit allowing play well into the winter but walking home can be 'quite scary' along the dark paths (on a moonless night you can't see two meters in front of you).  What's the point in flood-lighting the tennis courts if no one wants to walk home in an extremely dark finsbury park?!



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