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Pavement works. Do they really have to close a lane and put in temp lights?

As above. Earlier I spent nearly 50 minutes trying to get over ally pally to wood green because the traffic is qued from the bottom of Muswell Hill to Mayes Road because they've started to lay new paving stones on mayes road and have closed a lane. The whole borough is jammed due to highways or Thames water digging up holes. It's causing chaos out there. Why isn't there joined up planning when they decide to close or restrict roads? 

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I was on a W3 bus from Wood Green, through Ally Pally, which is diverted through Crouch End clock Tower. Getting through the merging queues at the bottom of Muswell  Hill took over 10 mins. I decided to get out and walk. I was nearly hit by a silver van rushing out- over the pavement from Farrer Rd and over the zebra crossing. Appalling driving. This is a most unorganised lawless country now, not just Borough.

Agreed. No one seems to care and people are beginning to understand this hence an increase in dangerous driving and anti-social behaviour as a whole. This is not just the people who don't care anymore, it's the utility companies who just dig up streets everywhere when they feel the need to with no accountability from anyone as to the chaos they create. The drivers are increasingly angry and frustrated with being stuck in traffic jams that are everywhere in the borough and drive erratically (Not that its excusable that is) and with seemingly no enforcement they get away with it, the police are only seen driving at speed with their sirens and lights flashing and are getting stuck in the traffic, as well as the ambulances and fire engines. Its a nightmare for everyone who drives as well as the pedestrians who have to walk in fumes due to traffic jams, especially in this hot weather. The utility companies are eager to point out they are working for the common good to improve their services but ultimately its a never ending cycle of improvements that just go on day after day, week after week, year after year. Also I firmly believe that a lot of these highway works are not always necessary. Its a case of using their budgets by closing off roads to re-tarmac or lay new paving on an area that was perfectly acceptable in the first place, just so they can account for their budget. Sorry if this sounds like a rant but there are far too many roadworks, utilities digging up the roads and pavements currently in this borough from Tottenham to Highgate at the same time and its causing carnage everywhere. 

I couldn't agree more, I live off Philip Lane N17 and Thames Water have been digging the road since April with no end in sight. Temporary traffic lights are causing chaos every day.  Apparently they don't need any permission from anyone to dig whenever and wherever they want and all at the same time...

Oh as a former motorist who gave up driving because of the money one has to pay for parking and tax and petrol and break-in and tickets etc I can see the queues getting longer and no accountabity of road work companies and barriers just thrown up anywhere with no thought for passers by or motorists and often no sign of workmen, using thundering heavy great lorries . And  returning to same place months later and do it all again. Tottenham Lane , Crouch End Broadway , Muswell Hill top, now the bottom and Tottenham /Turnpike Lane .

LTN's and motorbikes on pavements and push bikes coming through red lights or on pavements, and now even vans using pavements as short cuts around road works.

I see that Bruce Grove is closed heading towards the high road due to works. At the same time White Hart Lane at the junction of the High road has a lane closed also Phillip Lane has a major section and a Lane closed due to works as well. So to get to Tottenham High road from anywhere west of there involves major ques of traffic. The only way possible that I think doesn't have works in place is West Green Rd but I wouldn't be surprised if someone has started digging up the road there as well. It's making life as a driver or a bus commuter intolerable  

I can understand Thames Water needing to do bigger and bigger works after years of under investment in infrastructure, annoying but necessary.

But slightly widening an already wide pavement (I think this is what they're doing now) and taking weeks and weeks to do it is crazy. Google maps can't keep up with which bit of road is completely blocked off so it's a gamble every time we try to get anywhere. 

It’s utterly astonishing that anyone has allowed both Mayes Road and Priory Road to be cut off with roadworks at the same time. Both roads around Alexandra Palace closed with temporary lights. How can such ridiculous thinking be allowed? Why is there not more joined up thinking at the council? 

For the road works to go ahead a temporary Traffic Management Order (TMO) has to be issued by Haringey council apparently. Just another example of this councils stupidity or lack of organisation. 

Another current feature of road works is the closure of bus stops with no provision of a nearby alternative.

I so agree. Why can't motorist wait for a mo while one passengar gets on, but now has too walk to the next stop who knows where, and miss the next one in the process. They often aren't causing obstruction any way. And why are W5 drivers determined not to allow potential passengars to board while stuck in a tailback in the shopping arena, and make them walk to the unmarked stop in Endymion Rd??



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