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Has anyone found out whether current visitor parking vouchers will continue to be valid once the new more expensive permits are introduced? (which is when?) I want to order some more two-hours before they are abolished, but don't want to end up with them being invalid - they currently expire in 2020.

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Today is the deadline but i tried to order some and the site wouldnt let me... you try.... today.

Also does that mean you can order today but not after today??

Or it' now too late    that' why site not letting me. ..

Today is the deadline for commenting on the changes, not for buying permits. The site will still let me buy 2-hours but I'm reluctant to spend the money not knowing whether they will remain valid...

Well I can’t see how they can make our present  ones invalid. Most of mine expire 2020, and I have loads and I will be using them until they expire. If I get fined I’m sure that will be illegal, unless they reimburse me for my old tickets

I have received an email from Councillor Toni Mallett (West Green) who queried the proposed changes to visitors permit charges after I cc'd her into my own consultation response. She forwarded an email to me from the council's 'Parking Schemes Manager (Interim)' which said, amongst other things, "The question about restricting the period of validity of permits to one year is, I understand under review and is unlikely to be proceeded with. "

But you might want to wait for more official confirmation before stocking up.


Thanks. I've copied your copied your comment to this thread which is the main one about the change to visitor permits,



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