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Has anyone had trouble obtaining either visitors permits or a yearly permit.
I have my reference no which I get off the old permits I have left , and an applicant ID ref . It just keeps saying the permit is not at a stage to renew !
I don't know what it's on about as I'm only after some visitors permits .
I've e mailed them but they take five days to reply !
Anyone else experienced this ? I really don't want to go up there to get them .

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I did the same thing - applied for a renewal permit using my old permit number. I don't think you use your permit number to apply for visitor permits - I would think its a different dept.
No I used the number on the visitor permits

I've just done this too, it took me awhile to work out what to do!

You have to email permits-vouchers@haringey.gov.uk asking to register for purchasing permit vouchers online. Include your name and address and Council Tax Reference Number.

Then 3 or 4 days later they then send you a reply with an Applicant ID and Voucher Reference Number and a link to a specific page.

Once you've ordered you wait for another few days for them to be delivered.



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