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I am living on the ladder, but have to move out within a month. I got a vehicle recently for this and I have been trying to buy some daily/two week permit, unfortunately, the council refuses to take my application and refuses to also take the  money for a months of parking!

I send a message on the forum last week and if for me was obvious, I am looking to Buy some permits, and can come to pick them up. 

I am trying to play it with the rules and I still don't undestand why it has been such a nightmare trying to deal with the council.

And if I understood well, prices are changing from the 3rd April and they decided to stop offering the two eek permit so it would be amazing to be able to order some before that date.

I know I am asking a big favour, so if a friendly soul was around the ladder and who is registered for parking permit with the haringey council, would be kind enough to order some on the council website that would be really amazing.

Thank you very much in advance to whoever who can help,


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Sorry i wld if cld but my tx areo nly for zone B and ladder is zoneA -GOODE LUCK

Thank you Geraldine, I hope I can find a solution! Have a good week end!

The Ladder is both  Wood Green Zone B or Green Lanes, depending on where you live. South of Beresford is Green Lanes Zone, North is Wood Green Zone. Easiest would be if you said which street you are in.

Thank you John, I live on mattison road, so green lanes zone!

Ah Michael, I never said I live on Mattison road, I think you made that up

but yes we have made contact, thanks

Thank you Nick Mickael, I already saw it and am in contact with her, since I need around a month of parking, I keep options open, in case there is another kind soul around!



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