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For several years now, the western section of Hampden Road, owned by Network Rail, has been a parking enforcement free zone.  But, action today, suggests that this might be about to change. At some point in the middle of the morning, all the cars parked on the double yellow lines between the New River and the railway were given 'warning notices'.

I was sent the following copy of one of the notices that was found discarded on thre pavement.


I think the time when we would welcome any part of our neighbourhood being made available as a free car park is long gone. So, this morning's move is to be welcomed.

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Adam C. has been working on this with various departments for a long time. Good to see Network Rail are finally taking action.

Someone has sent me a copy of the notice that's in the blue windscreen envelope. Added to the original post.

Quite apart from the nuisance value of parked cars blocking deliveries and access, is this not another example of public realm being effectively privatised? Parking tickets will be given out not by the publicly-accountable local authority but by a private contractor working for a private company. How are they monitored, who are they accountable to and what redress is available in disputes? Isn’t it similar to ostensibly public areas (eg Canary Wharf) in fact being sequestered by commercial companies and a trend towards public spaces being privately policed?

It’s not the public realm. The part west of the bridge over the river has always been owned by the railway. Quirk if history. 

Looks like they’re serious. This morning signs are going up.



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