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Outdoor food court cluster to be constructed for 'Open Arm's' festival in Finsbury Park

A new planning application has been lodged for the construction of an outside licensed group of 'food courts' in Finsbury Park, near the Manor House Gate.

It would be part of the planned Open Arms Festival, lasting from 17th May to 17th September.

If the plans are approved, the 'court' would spread over 200m², Covering an area which is currently quite well used by groups of people.

The application describes the erection of four "food courts"

to provide food/drink refreshments and ancillary from Wednesdays - Sundays and Bank Holiday Mondays.

This satellite view from the planning application shows the proposed location (the area ringed lightly in red, just to the south-wets of the running track).

The next image, also in the application, shows the site plan.

If you can't envisage the location, this Google Maps birds-eye-view may help.

Here is a view from the footpath, to the east of the proposed site.

The following image shows what the kitchen/servery buildings would look like.

The full planning application can be viewed on Haringey's website here.

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I can only think that there was a problem with the posting then. Nothing on HoL is ever censored. Very rarely, things that contravene our terms and conditions are deleted. There is nothing about your post that would have caused it to have even been considered for deletion. What on earth makes you think that it would have been??

Apologies for the delay in picking up on this. I'll happily offer you a refund equivalent to double the fee you pay to help fund HoL?

Those who do the administration on HoL do it voluntarily, not as as a full time paid job.  Do you honestly think they sit and monitor everything that is posted here?

What a fantastic idea!!! In fact this is something I had discussed with a friend not so long ago... saying that Finsbury Park is crying out for something like this. I actually can’t wait... we need to encourage more recreational use in the evenings to make the park safer, and as there are only a few pubs with beer gardens in the area that are totally overfilled during the summer this solves that issue as well. I love it!!!  I’m going to register my support and spread the word. If you don’t like it you don’t have to go!!!

Message received in the last hour from Haringey Licensing:

"This is to inform you that the application for the Open Arms has been formally withdrawn by the applicants Assembled Gala."



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