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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

With one member who is an ex-resident and was born & bred in and around Harringay, The Budapest Café Orchestra describe themselves as being "ostensibly from Harringay". Band member, Chris Garrick, told me "We're a UK band that is musically and not culturally connected to its stock in trade. So to distinguish ourselves from the competition, we describe ourselevs as being ostensibly from Harringay!"

I love their music. So they're more than welcome to associate themselves with our hood as far as I'm concerned. In fact I'd love to see them play here. Chris said, "It's about time we made a performance in our adopted enclave!" So there's hope!

Time for a word with Dave at The Salisbury perhaps or the Harringay Festival 2013?

Here's the video that led me to rediscover them last week:

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Just found their website and the links to the Squeezebox Concerto on You Tube. Have a look and your ears will never be the same again. These guys are incredible musicians. They claim to hail "from the paprika fields of Harringay"
The videos are like something David Lynch would make in someone's front room in Pemberton Road.

Damn - 'From the Paprika Fields of Harringay' - that has the makings of a much better headline!

how 'bout 'Haringey Chutzpah' (remember, this word is pronounced with an H i.e. like Hoots-pah

One of those interesting loanwords becoming part of world-wide vocabulary.

Try this. (U.S.)  Or in Modern Hebrew. Or advice from The Hindu Online.

Always fought it was Charringay myself.

Sing it in Sean Nós for us, Eddie.



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