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What's Harringay going to be seeing live next year?

Care to share if you failed or succeeded with your ticket application and what you got if you're one of the lucky ones?

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I am slightly disappointed to have hockey...
I applied for over £7k worth of tickets

Made in Scotland: An Olympic Overspend...

In the event I got 4 tix for one athletics session, at £20 each, with one for a wheelchair user, so the 4th was free!
Am thinking of going for tickets to the women's football final at Wembley. Am I mad? Should I wait and just see what comes up later on?
I set aside a month's pension for the beach volleyball. Only my cheque bounced.


Diving (early round I think . . .) and football.

Got up to wrestle with the 6am olympic car boot sale of remaining tickets nobody wanted (completely against best judgement it must be said). Have gone for basketball (on grounds that would like to see Olympic village and sounds like fun) and football. Website continually crashing, had to remain as patient as is possible at that time in the morning. Fingers crossed, should know within 48 hours if got what we wanted.

Yep - I got swimming heats and greco-roman wrestling!! The mrs got beach volleyball, my brother got boxing finals, weightlifting and beach volley ball and my mum got archery so pretty good spread.


Debating getting a few tactical tickets for the hockey so as to get access to the olympic site....

Hockey and Basketball. Two early morning sessions 8.30 and 9.00 on consecutive days! Early was our strategy and it seems to have worked.....
We should have gone to Greece when we had the chance,
they needed a turn out.
Best chance is Hampstead for the cycling it's free.
Cycling @ Hampstead - what cycling event is that? On the heath itself? Does sound like a good option.

Went for basketball, volleyball and … synchronised swimming.  I am probably as much interested in the Aquatic Centre as in the actual sports event.  I will really be annoyed if I do not get anything after getting up so early and a frustrating booking experience.

Also got up to get tickets at 6am. Took many, many attempts to complete as site was continually saying "sorry, please try again later". Finally at 6:30 got tickets for family to see basketball !



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