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Unless I'm mistaken and there was a thread that has been posted about the loss of our Queen?

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There's no wrong or right. There's no Victor's or vanquished here. But I agree, a few contributors  have shown themselves to be atypical of a certain inner London political class.  Oh dear, I fear I've just opened another can of worms? 

Not really.

What might happen is that people might react to what they perceive to be an anonymous troll gasping for attention-oxygen. Those reactions might not be pleasant, because everyone's weary of that sort of thing on the Internet. 

I'm mindful though that there is a real person behind this persona.

Plus this is not quite the big bad Internet. This is a forum for people seeking to make our shared experience of living here a little better.

You of course don't need to live in Harringay to share that aspiration.

It's also clear that some experiences have upset you about what you perceive to be the dominant view of people who do live here.

Would you care to share what happened, in terms of specifics rather than generalisations? Perhaps someone will be able to help.



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