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Hi all, we've been without recycling collection for almost 3 weeks. I've checked with a few neighbours and it seems to be ( not ) happening along our street. Is anyone else having issues? I've reported/complained to the Council and awaiting reply.


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Worth picking up with your councillors if no resolution. 

Has anyone Herd or seen from any other Councillors

Other than Councilor Seema Chandwani ? 

The cabinet member responsible has just tweeted to ask that you send her your address Seema.Chandwani@haringey.gov.uk

Fantastic !!  Thanks for your help : )

I emailed Seema Chandwani and there was someone checking out the problem within 20 minutes : )

She’s pretty good. 

Have you emailed Veolia? ( enquiries.haringey@veolia.com ) I find they are very good at rectifying missed collections.


I emailed Seema Chandwani and the streets recyling was collected within the hour : )

Good on Seema.
But councillors shouldn't need to provide a "soft" door alternative to Haringey or Veolia's "hard" door.

Got missed the other week. But aware that many recycling bins are being rejected for recycling as crew has noticed None recyclable materials in the Bin. 

Should have been a large Plastic notice advising you reason for None collection

The notice advises you the Bin will not be collected to items are removed from the Bin

It is residents duty to remove items. Have seen many bins left outside properties and ending up in road

Aware that if residents report missed bins normally get them collected in days if reported by phone or email 



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