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Anyone know what happened?

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See this post. That looks like police tape - I'm not sure it's necessary to close the whole path though! Still, you can't bale them, I suppose. Once they're been called out, it's probably difficult for them to just walk away - you cam imagine the hoo-ha if someone were to fall in and it was later reported that the police had visited and walked away having done nothing. Let's hope that Thames attend to it without undue delay. For me, the path is a really important facility. I fear losing it. I hope there's a commercial imperative to stop the leak. 

I bet it is not a leak, but an underground spring from ground water coming from the nearby railway lines...

Funny you should say that. I was discussing this woth Dick Harris last week. I mentioned that i wondered of it had anything to do with the long-culverted Stonebridge Brook. He felt sure it was a leak. I don’t know what to conclude.

Hiya Justin,  ground water from the railway land flows directly into the deep ditch that lies between the railway embankment and the west bank of the river. During heavy downpours the water can be seen emerging from land drainage pipes normally hidden by undergrowth.  Any water in the ditch is already well below the level of the river itself and drops into the Stonebridge brook culvert that passes under the river on its way to the river Lea.

Do you know if we can reach out to anyone about opening it halfway the other side? It’s such a nice convenient dog walking spot, if it’s closed for a long time it’s going to cause huge issues.

I wrote to customer.feedback@thameswater.co.uk about it at the weekend. That's all I have. They generally respond....eventually, but there's a marked difference between how Thames and Network Rail respond with issues about the New River Path. NR are generally pretty good at getting back to you and then with following up with action. Thames are more reticent and less helpful.

It's important to remember that this is land owned by Thames Water, a private company. As far as I'm aware, no public right of access was secured at the time of privatisation in the 1980s. So we're there under sufferance. 

There used to be a job with the title "Access, Recreation and Nature Reserves Manager". Wheteher or not there still is, I don't know. 

You can also try approaching our councillors.

I received a phone call from Thames today to thank me for my report and to let me know that the matter had been passed to the New River team. The chap was unable to give any estimated repair date.

Thank you for chasing that up and reporting back.

Thanks so much! Hopefully not too long of a wait 

Update on the hole here.

Update on path closure here.



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