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Crossrail 2 Metro Scheme

It appears that behind the scenes, the men in grey suits have been cooking up a plan that might (MIGHT) bring a new rail line linking Ally Pally and Wood Green to the East End and Chelsea.

As part of plan to relieve congestion on public transport over the next twenty years, planners are considering a Crossrail 2.

Option 1 of the so-called Chelsea-Hackney line would see a new route linking Ally Pally, Wood Green and Seven Sisters with Angel, Tottenham Court Road and Chelsea.

Option 2 would skirt our part of the world in favour of a more suburban route north of Hackney.

A working group led by Lord Adonis has recently published a report on the options (See attachment). You can comment via crossrail2@londonfirst.co.uk.

Thanks to Stephen Hartley for giving me the heads up on this one.

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If they build as well as they spell I'm worried. 'Opition' indeed.

Pedantry aside, an interesting idea but it seems a slightly odd route to me.


Tom - do you remember the heyday of enthusiasm for monorails, the sixties? A monorail is featured in the film Fahrenheit 451; and it was originally planned that Milton Keynes, then a new town project, would have a monorail loop linking all the neighbourhoods (can't remember if it was a loop of a figure-of-eight). However, nothing came of that, and outside of a some airports, and one of the Disney parks, the monorail seems to have fallen out of favour completely. Oh, and remember that mad idea of running a monorail along Oxford Street? I think that was in the eighties. Completely bonkers!

Before anyone gets too excited, I thought I should point out that this scheme first surfaced in the London Rail Study of  1974 as the Chelsea - Hackney Line and was to take over either the Epping or Hainault branch of the Central Line (can't remember which) and the Wimbledon branch of the District, with new construction in between.  There has been a lot of fiddling about with the route since and the metamorphosis into Crossrail II is just the latest incarnation. So for your own safety, no holding of breath or excessive crossing of fingers and toes!





Glenn - You are absolutely right. This idea has been around for at least thirty years. I remember it being mooted, along with what is now Crossrail (one) in the early eighties. Frankly, I thought that neither line would ever be built, so I think it is a miracle that Crossrail is going ahead, and is scheduled to open in 2017. Under the current government and its "austerity" programme, the chances of Crossrail 2 ever getting built must be zero; and I'm increasingly thinking that the HS2 line from London to Birmingham will never be built either. If they ever are built, I don't think it will be in my lifetime!

The Parkland walk is still there, ready and waiting to return to its original purpose of linking Ally Pally with the Network at Finsbury Park.   Too late for that, I hear you say?  Not in your back yard?

Hackney lacks a tube (because it once had lots of trams), but its frequent and rapid bus infrastructure compensates for this.

If we're looking for some desert region to join to the tube network, how about South of the river?

Unfortunately the Ally Pally branch is unlikely to reopen and the Palace Gates branch trackbed through Wood Green to Seven Sisters is no longer available. 


The East London Line extension from Shoreditch to Dalston Junction was in compensation for Hackney for not having an Underground line although one of the entrances to Manor House Piccadilly Line station is in Hackney!


There are several extensions for tube and DLR lines on the many 'back burners' for south London.



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