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With a little luck, Harringay may be getting a new pocket park right at the centre of town. The Harringay traders have submitted an application for funding to the Mayor's Pocket Parks Programme  for a pocket park to green part of Harringay's stretch of Green Lanes.  

If successful, the Harringay bid will see the development of a pocket park on Green Lanes between St Ann’s Road and Allison Road. As well a greening each junction, extensive tree planting and a planted ‘Arbor’ between them will provide a green corridor and a planted promenade.

At this stage, it's just an application. We'll know if it's been successful soon. In the meantime many thanks to Rob Tao and others for putting the work in to get the application made.

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Like this idea! Well done traders. Lets hope Borris backs it.

This is a fantastic proposal. Boris, I know I've said unkind things about you in the past but if you back this I promise to think twice before the next rant - still won't vote for you though (doh!).

This would be very welcome, well done! The more trees the better. It would be great if the trees went up Warham Road too as it has been denuded of trees over recent years.

Rob Tao is a legend. Great that we have people like this around. I hope this plan is successful!



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