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See attached for residents and metered parking charges.

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Hey you bunch of ingrates! Council Tax is frozen YET AGAIN!


Pay to pollute. Hurrah!

The guy at the parking permit place said that GLA permits could park in GLB roads does anyone know if this is true or just a lie to give out more parking tickets?
Really? But why bother having different permits if GLA can park in GLB and vice versa? I'm not saying he was wrong mind you - logic might not come into it! I'd always assumed that you couldn't park in the other zone - would love to know the answer to this.
I think the difference between the two areas is the times you can/can't park without a permit(?)
Yes, you can use a GLA in GLB and a GLB in a GLA. That's definite. Though there was a suggestion from the council a while back that they may look into making them 2 distinctive zones. Thankfully hasn't happened yet.

I just double checked with the parking people about this, I'm sure they sent me an email earlier this year saying that GLB could park in GLA but I couldn't find the email. So I asked again and this is what they sent me:

"Your Resident permit for the Green Lanes B Controlled Parking Zone only allows you to park in the roads within the Green Lanes B Controlled Parking Zone.  The Green Lanes A Controlled Parking Zone operates from 8am-6:30pm Monday-Saturday. 

If your vehicle is observed parked within the Green Lanes A Controlled Parking Zone then you may be issued with a Penalty Charge Notice."


Should shop owners and landlords who live outside of the area be able to get a residents parking permit when they are not actually residents. Anyone know?
They absolutely should not! In fact that is fraud!
But don't those landlords and shop owners pay Council Tax on their properties in the area ?
You get a residents parking permit if you LIVE here.

RARE for parking to go up cant wait to move out of haringey and be done with being robbed of my hard earned money.


Why do they want more and what are they doing with it is what I want to know.

Don't know how they justify this ludicrous increase.  Seems the motorist is first on the list again for getting more money out of, sitting ducks really.  I to would like to know where the money we pay goes




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