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Do we know what's happening with the New Haringey Website?

I have a special interest in the Finsbury Park Track and Gym, and I went to a lot of trouble to get the Old Haringey website to carry useful information about it.

But now when I search the Haringey site for "Finsbury Park Track and Gym" I get this page https://new.haringey.gov.uk/leisure-parks-culture/sport-physical-ac... which is little more than a stub, containing almost no information.

And when I search "site:haringey.gov.uk finsbury park track and gym" in google i am offered the "new.haringey . . . " page and some very old pages from the old site. It is as though the pages I am accustomed to seeing have been erased, both from the website and from Google's index.

And I know that Shehnaz Begum is a senior officer in Property Services, yet the Haringey search for this name offers no results, and the Google search on the Haringey site offers oneresult and the message "Some results may have been removed under data protection law in Europe"

Where has all the info gone?

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Is it because these guys run it now?


Where has all the info gone? The explanation is here and, less so, here.  Essentially it's a work in progress.   Extracts:

This summer you will see a new website emerge as, section-by-section and form-by-form, we work to redesign it.
Our existing website design is not great for people who use mobile phones, or as accessible as it could be for people with disabilities.

The new design will:
- cut down the amount of text on web pages to make it shorter and clearer and more mobile friendly
- redesign many of our forms to make them less confusing and quicker to fill in
- make it easier to find contact information when you want to get in touch

The changes will not happen overnight. We will work through the summer to improve the designs based on further resident feedback and continued testing.
We will keep moving additional sections to the new site design, aiming to have transformed the whole site by the end of October.

"We will work through the summer to improve the designs based on further resident feedback".

There's your cue, Adrian.

Gordon, thanks for pointing all that out. At least I understand why they are ditching useful material, because it doesn't fit on a mobile phone.

Given that this is a work in progress it feels premature to me to ditch the pages that are being replaced.

And I'm disqualified from following your cue on two counts. Firstly there is nothing I can do about the design, it is the content I would like to influence. Secondly, I'm not a resident. But I won't let either of those things discourage me.

At least you're positively engaged, unlike naysayers on this website. And good luck with your endeavours - I doubt they'll blank your comments about useful content simply because you're the other side of the tracks the New River.

PS The 'stub' look to the page you cited - it may be thus if so far it's only a placeholder, waiting for transferred information.   If so, there's an 'in' to engage with them on the content you want, if you dress it up as 'design' ??



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