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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!


Photo courtesy of the Parkland Walk Twitter stream,  @parklandwalk, who tweeted this pic along with the message "Ace new graffiti new Crouch End station platforms"



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something like that should have been done to our bridge. Its fantastic!

.. with of course slugs instead of snails TW?


NB: @ParklandWalk just tweeted us a messsage: 


@harringayonline just to clarify - this account isn't connected to the Friends of PW group so we don't know if they approve or not!


I have edited the original post to reflect this. (My original post assumed - with a degree of surprise - that FoPW had admired the graffiti).


Makes a nice change from the usual dross; the 'artwork' to the right of it, for example.

A bit more detail on this here

Bit slow to catch on sometimes, these days, The Journal.

The Parkland Walk is rich in understated, wondrously functioning, beautiful plants and invertebrates and birds and in my opinion this crude caricature of 'nature'  is blind to its surrounding, ignorant and unfunny.

love it!



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