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I spend quite a bit of time passing through Camden and Islington and there seems to have been quite a lot done in terms of new, segregated cycle lanes, filtering, low traffic neighbourhoods, etc

I've not seen anything at all in Haringey in Wood Green, Green Lanes, West Green but was wondering whether anything has been done in other parts of the borough or I've missed anything?

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Unfortunately you haven't missed anything. A few months ago I sent correspondence to Haringey, our local councillors and our MP asking if Haringey was going to take advantage of this opportunity to improve our poor cycling infrastructure.

The local councillors and Haringey never responded despite me resending. I did however get a response from David Lammy's office, saying they were applying for TfL funding. After Haringey only received funding for some minor improvements to CS1, I asked what else Haringey were doing that wasn't from this specific TfL funding. I was told they would be releasing a draft walking and cycling action plan later this year.

I had a look into this draft action plan, turns out the draft was proposed to be released 2 years ago  and still hasn't. Someone even submitted an FoI request for it this year however Haringey refused to release any details "because the information you have requested is still in draft form, and a draft of a document is by its nature an unfinished form of that document."

So Haringey doesn't even have a draft of an idea of what they want to do with cycling and they aren't able to enforce the minor things they do have, so I wouldn't hold my breath for any meaningful improvements soon.

You're correct - not much has happened apart from some localised restrictions / temporary barriers for pavement widening.

Obvious plug for a new local group if you want to do something about it.

I'm a lockdown cyclist - bought my first bike in June in anticipation of needing to cycle to work in Camden.

I've watched cycle lanes in Camden that were already good get upgrades.  Camden, Hackney and Islington are all a joy for this beginner to cycle in.  I've even struck out as far as the City and Westminster and really enjoyed it.  But Haringey?  Cycling against the flow of traffic on CS1 on Broadwater Road was a particular lowlight. Especially when I was hit by a cigarette butt tossed from a car window.



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