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A new testing centre has opened at Stamford Hill Primary School, on the outskirts of Harringay. It is open for bookings now with new appointments made available each day and is easily accessible by pubic transport.

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I'm pretty sure you shouldn't be getting public transport there!

I went to the slightly more distant one at the Irish Centre near White Hart Lane. No trouble getting an immediate appointment.

With such low levels of car ownership in the borough it’s the only option for most of us.

Well I guess that's why they are opening up more, to get them in walking/cycling distance. The instructions are very explicit about not taking public transport.

You can't get public transport if you have symptoms, you have to stay at home and self-isolate. 

I know but that doesn’t give you much of a chance of being tested if you’re a non-car owner

It's mid-November and we're still rationalising going on public transport with symptoms of a deadly contagion. Rule Britannia.

I’m not rationalising it Will I’m asking a question - how does someone without a car get to a test centre?

Order a home test kit free from the NHS 


Which is great if

a,  you can get one (I’ve tried)

b. You have internet access

As infection rates are highest in the most deprived communities and older people are more likely to become ill, this removes a significant proportion of the population 

In the last 2 months I’ve travelled by bus to the Homerton Hospital for three tests before surgical procedures.  No other option is offered. Fortunately I’ve been negative each time but if I wasn’t.....

Surely the emphasis should be on very local testing - through pharmacies for instance which has been shown to be successful with annual flu jabs. Otherwise test centres will miss identifying those at highest risk of becoming seriously ill 



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