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Green Party Leader Natalie Bennett coming to show her support for the Living Wightman campaign 22nd July

If any supporters of the Living Wightman campaign are interested in popping down to Harringay station on Friday the 22nd, Natalie Bennett the current leader of the Green Party is coming down show her support at around 4pm.

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This campaign appears very N4 centric. Are any events planned for N8? Fairland Park perhaps?

Hi Nick. I promise you it's not. We had a plan for a stall at the Fairland Classical Music event but it got called off.

It's just the way it worked out this time but I live in Hampden so I assure you that I want to ensure that the northern end of the ladder just as well represented in the campaign. Has your road been leafleted and petitioned yet? If not, it'll happen soon.

All best

Exciting times for Harringay and the Green Party.

I first met Natalie at a candidate induction in 2014, and again at the People's Forum, Wood Green in 2015,
(together with Jeremy Corbyn & Dee Searle, (our Tottenham candidate.)

Very excited for Natalie to visit Harringay, this is great news for Living Wightman indeed.
We need all the political interest we can to reduce traffic across the Ladder.

With further attention we can hope to realise the potential to reduce the impact on all our families health, and improve air quality for our residents.

Good luck with the project. 

Wonder if we could have a Living Green Lanes ones. It's getting worse round here especially around the usual problem zone where the Arena is. Just so blocked so much of the time. Pollution is awful (I'm a pedestrian) as well as not being to get very far very quickly by bus. I see so many cars, some of them huge things, with just one person in them. And who thought it was a good idea to put a McDonalds Drive through right there? oh dear.... I hope you Wightmanites have some success as it might have a knock on effect for us down here. 

Hi Ruth,

Thanks for your support. The living Wightman campaign is about the whole area, including Green Lanes. Admittedly it emerged from a desire to tackle the awful situation down Wightman, which as a B road, is struggling with huge amounts of traffic and pollution.

But we're working to ensure that our aims don't make Green Lanes worse. This is about a whole neighbourhood which has essentially been made a sacrifice zone whereby traffic restrictions in other roads force traffic down Green Lanes and Wightman. We're talking to a number of other residents groups about ways to alleviate the congestion on Green Lanes - no parking in the bus lanes, for example, or making it a red route at certain times of the day. I'm personally in favour of keeping  Wightman a no through road, but allowing a hopper bus travel the full length, providing a quick and effective public transport route through from Turnpike Lane junction to Finsbury park Station - thereby alleviating some of the public transport burden on Green Lanes....but these are just ideas at the moment...

If you want to receive more information or contribute to the discussion, I'll be happy to add you to a supporters list. best

Wightman as no through road with a hopper bus is a brilliant idea!

Love that idea too! It's way better for cyclists since Wightman road's been shut - so much safer!

I've often thought more Hopper buses would be great, coming up and down to Turnpike Lane and Manor House, would be good for shoppers and commuters alike, it could be a nice link between the over ground stations. And maybe a special price of a quid rather than £1.50. Bring them on!



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