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My Fauxpology to Keir Starner: I'm genuinely concerned if I upset the former Grand Inquisitor

This morning an email about people prosecuted for urging juries to listen to their consciences.

It was a risk to elect the former Grand Inquisitor as Prime Minister. Yes, I know there was no "landslide". Simply a malfunctioning electoral system which delivered a lower turnout and a lower number of votes to the bloke who used to be Director of Public Prosecutions.  

After cataract operations, even with my strongest glasses, paper books are still uncomfortable. So later with Project Gutenberg I'll check Dostoyevski's old story of The Grand Inquisitor.

Unless I've got it completely wrong, the Inquisitor very reasonably explained to the man who has come back and sits silently - why he isn't needed. The powers-that-be are working hard following his rules. (As we know too they are ably assisted by billionaire corporations and Tufton Bufton Think Tanks.)

Judging by some of the photos online we may suspect that even calm silent display of a blank white poster might be as much a step too far for the "landslide" as for the Cruellas.

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Britain’s next Prime Minister has shown us who he Is, & It’s not good

Oliver Eagleton - author of a recent book on Starmer has this new article in the New York Times.

Click link

Never mind the cataracts Alan, you need to go back and get your myopia treated.

The contortions you go through in an attempt to whittle a stick with which to beat Starmer are both spectacular and ridiculous.

He left the CPS over 10 years ago and the article you link to is dated to prior his election to PM, almost as disingenuous as Farage's scurrilous allegation that he turned a blind eye to Jimmy Savile. No mention of his positives such as pro bono work on the McLibel case and challenging the death penalty in Commonwealth countries - Wiki is your friend if you wish to learn of his good works and gain a more even handed view.

Your subsequent link to Oliver Eagleton's hit piece is just that, from an author who has made a living from such witterings.

I suspect your repeated sniping of Starmer is either his stance on Gaza (to which i am sympathetic) or being a fanboi of Corbyn (and his doctrinal purity) - or a combination of the two.

The alternative of Starmer's labour in power would be a wretched chimera of a RefomCon coalition so either get on board or get off

Oh, good, Anony. You show you can string together some grammatical sentences. Albeit the glue is attempts at personal insults about me.
Alhough it seems the person who riled you most was Oliver Eagleton. And you're indeed right that Eagleton wrote it before Starmer became PM. Yes, it was published on 3rd July 2024. Nothing changed in his stance by 4th July. Has he altered this morning?

If you're going to have a go at me, at least try to make the jibes truthful.  Witty would also be good. But nobody need "suspect" what shapes my own views. Just ask. I admit I can't be crystal clear on Starmer's stances - for instance on how far he's a Zionist. Nor his position on Gaza - since it's utter nonsense about Israel's right to defend itself while keeping within International Law. When plainly it's doing neither.
You tell us that you are "sympathetic"  to Starmer's "stance on Gaza". What exactly does that mean?  Do tell.  It may be truly heartening to a few people in Israel/Palestine who read about sympathy from an anonymous person in Haringey.

I was curious at your last little jibe, "... so either get on board or get off".  Does that mean you have joined the Starmer Party? What a vision. What used to be Labour filling up with anonymities. Are members masked and hooded?

My opener was meant merely as a light hearted bon mot, but in view of your track record of starting threads sniping at Starmer (I notice you've started yet another Starmer thread since this morning) I stand by my original myopia comment.

Your response makes no mention of Starmer's "good works" and the fact that Eagleton's article is some 10 years post Starmer's CPS role.

As far as my Gaza stance, re-reading my response, I must admit that it is ambiguous to say the least. For the record, I have been vociferous in my criticism of Israel's actions (a stance you could perhaps have gleaned from my posts on other threads).

Regarding Starmer, he has a temporary pass from me to begin to right the good ship Brittania. I'm a LibDem (and briefly fantasized they'd be the official opposition!). This has obviously not happened and until it does I'll go with Keir. With the Tories and Reform cannibalising each other, you may feel sniping at this incarnation of Labour is fair sport, to me it is an ill advised luxury and possibly the greatest threat to achieving success and a full term is this self-indulgent dilettantism from within his own party.

You think undermining Starmer's labour will bring about your vision of labour -it may well do so. Have fun in opposition! As I said, myopic in the broadest sense of the word



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