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My friend had her phone stolen out of her hand this afternoon about 2.30pm on Hampden Road - two guys on a motorbike drove onto the pavement from behind her and grabbed it out of her hand.  The police (who were great), said there have been a spate of moped phone muggings today in our area so wanted to warn people to be vigilant.  

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Thanks for this warning.  I hope your friend is okay.  I suffered a moped theft years ago and it was very scary.

Yes a colleague at work had precisely the same thing happen at around 8am on Seven Sisters Road yesterday...moral of the story is to be aware of what is going on around if you use your phone in the street
It also happened on green lanes by ducketts common yesterday afternoon. Just as ITV London news were filming an interview with a lady who had her phone stolen by two people on a scooter outside ducketts common.
I've had my phone taken out of my hand by someone who simply ran off. Never get my phone out in public places anymore unless it's an emergency.
I was speaking to an ex con who had done loads of time in prison and just came out. He said he couldn't believe how many people were waving £600 toys about on the street with such little consequence.

Remember the old days when computers or expensive gadgets always remained in discreet bags when outside ?

I think there were a couple of thieves on bicycles around crouch end/tottenham lane last week too. 

Many years ago I was 'mugged' while riding home on my bike by a guy on a moped who pulled alongside and nicked my bag with everything in it including house keys. It's nothing new, I'm afraid.

Sorry to hear. This has happened alot. The police have intervened. Raids.



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