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Does anyone remember Mr. Fone who ran a newspaper stand outside the Salisbury

I don't know when he started it but he died in 1956 or 1957 and then his wife ran it for a few years.  She also had a CTN across the road in Seymour Road. 

Mr Fone employed a man named Tom and when I assisted them Tom would send me round the corner to a cafe for a jug of tea and a bacon sandwich.  I was the newspaper boy and delivered to local houses and also to Disneys Furniture Shop.

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What's a CTN ?

When I worked in tax this always referred to "Confectionery Tobacco News" - i.e. a seller thereof - which would fit the OP's story.

Thanks Dave. 

I remember that newspaper stand and somewhere in my mind I can envisage a character.  He would shout out a barely indecipherable message which I later learned to be "Evening News".  He was out there in all weathers.  But I was too young to know of the blokes name.   One lasting memory though is returning from a little evening job I had at "Pearks Grocers" shop (between Salisbury and Kimberley Road) and seeing written on the bill board :  "President Kennedy Dead".    But can you remember where that café was Brian ?  Was it the one on St Anns Road near junction of Salisbury Road ?

John:  Yes indeed the cafe was exactly where you say it was.  I don't remember the name of the cafe if indeed it had one, but I think the owner/manager's name was Len.  I well remember Pearks store, the manger there was a bald man who naturally we called Baldy, although not to his face.  I recall - can't keep on saying remember - going in there right at the end of the policy for food coupons.  That was around 1954.  We lived at 5a Grand Parade and I can still recite all the stores on that block.  As for Tom at the newspaper stand he would yell out "Stars, News and Standard late paper" but it came out as Stars, New and Standard late papier.

Hi Brian, looking at your recollection of the News Stand and living at 5a Grand Parade Harringay. Well I lived in 5c Grand Parade, from 1940 on and off till November 1964 ( most of my family lived at 5c, my Mother and Father especially, till 1964 ) I can just remember that a woman who we use to call the Nurse (lived in 5a ) there I think until we move to Australia. 5b was rented by the family, Devlins, two sons Jacky and Alec, with there Mother and Father, who use to Ride a Motorbike and sidecar to work every day. Jacky and his Father were still in the flat, when I made a return visit in September 1984. What was your surname.??? We were the Constable’s family of 6, 4 Girls and 2 Boys.

Then I guess you're either Albie or Eddie.  And you have sisters Maureen and Audrey. I can't remember the name of your two other sisters.  I'm Brian and my brother is Alan and our last name was Goldfield.  My brother changed it to Granville when he went on the stage in the mid 60s.  He's not famous and is now retired and living in North Wales. His wife died ten years ago. I'm unclear about "The Nurse" at 5a as my mother (Irene) worked in a lady's dress shop, Coopers, further up Green Lanes.  My best friend at the time was Andrew Wilson who lived at 6a with his parents and brother, Chris.  Chris has passed away but Andrew is well and living in Sydney.  I live in California with my wife Joyce.  We're retired but work part time as ushers with the San Francisco Giants baseball team.  Sadly there's no work for us this year due to Covid, but hopefully we'll be back next year.   We get over to England every four or five years and see my brother, some cousins and some friends.  we were there last year and had a great time.

Wow.!!!!!!! You have a good memory. I’m Eddie and Albert is my brother, also Audrey and Maureen are my sisters along with my two elder sisters Barbara and Daphne. Sad to say that Maureen died back in 2006 and Albert had a massive stroke back in 1989 and has been in a Nursing Home ever since. I am now retired and Built a two Bedroom House on my Daughter’s Land which I’d 27km outside of Brisbane Central. 
Now you mentioned your name Goldfield, in the back of my mind I do remember your family, but I don’t think we had much to do with you boys owing to the age difference. Your Mother as I remember her was a Lovely and Kind Woman, who had to put up with the Constable’s because we were always in trouble, both me and Albert. I don’t know if you remember but by 1960 I had three young boys and had to move back into 5c because my wife walked off and left me with the three boys, which turned out to be the best thing to happen to me ha!ha!
So you now live in California, what a big life change from 5a Grand Parade. It also sound like you did very well in life and are now retired. Back in 2005 when I sold my Business, my wife and I traveled around the World and spent 4 Days in San Francisco and had a great time especially on those old Trams. Dallas, Washington, New Orleans, New York they were all mind blowing places and we loved them all but could not live in America, too Many Guns !!!! and crazy people who just want to kill with there Guns. Sorry but I had to mention that, we don’t allow Guns here in Australia.

Did you remember when we all left for Australia, my Mum Dad the three boys and my New Wife Sandra. Albert never came with us but came in 1970. Audrey had Married and moved to the Ise of White. My other three sisters were all ready in Australia. Bet your Mum was glad to see the back of us ha!ha!
Thanks for answering so quickly and remembering us, it’s very kind of you. Just hope I haven’t bored you to death ??

Brian........unfortunately we are talking different decades.  We used to go to that café (also can't remember name) in mid 60's and play the pin ball machines and juke box.  When I worked at Pearks, it was an after school and Saturday job, the manager was an Irish bloke with thick black curly hair. The old lady customers loved his charm and chat.  But from an employees point of view he didn't stand no messing.  I lived in Harringay Road 1949 - 70.     I have such fond memories of the area and I love all your recollections and the fact that you've connected to Retired Eddie, exchanging memories.  Great stuff.  How times have changed eh !

Brian I had most of my growing from 1940 in Harringay Road and Salisbury Road. I’d say all of my childhood friends were from round those Streets, more so during the 5 War years. Which we looked on as fun, I’m sorry to say. We were too young to understand how dangerous it was, raking the streets directly after an Air Raid. Our play grounds were the Bomb Sites, I can also remember the Trams running down the High Road and when they started ripping up the old tram lines, for the War effort. Us kids made plenty of small change selling the tarry blocks the were the main road surface, in those days.

Eddie:  Good to hear from you again and no you certainly didn't bore me with your memories.  Sorry to hear your news about Maureen and Albie.  I remember him as what was called then as a bit of a tearaway but probably good at heart.  Just get things in perspective I like to know peoples' ages.  So I'm 76 and my brother Alan is 81.  My dad died in 1972 and my Mum in 1985.  I'm guessing that you and your siblings are a year or two older than that.  A few years ago we did the DNA test and my wi9fe, Joyce found out a lot of information about her parents and cousins.  She was adopted and didn't know a thing about her birth parents until the DNA.  Her mother died just 5 years ago at the age of 98. She lived in Arizona and if only we had known we would have visited her. As for myself I hooked up with a genealogist whose English and Jewish.  He did a lot of work for me and I found out a lot about my family.  It's a fascinating subject.  Do you remember Tescoes the grocery store at 5 Grand Parade.  The manager was my Uncle Sam and my Dad was his brother.  In fact it was Sam who told my parents about the flat and we moved there in 1951.  After my brother left school he worked for the Evening Standard and then went into the Merchant Navy.  I followed him a few years later.  I only stayed in it for a couple of years but did get to Australia three times.  I was on the SS Stratheden and loved it.  I tell people that the Stratheden was my first girl friend although not strictly true.  My last memory of Sydney was walking across the bridge with a couple of chums, drunk as lords on the way to Luna Park.  Eddie I'm glad that you liked the USA.  It's a pretty good place apart from the president.  Ooops!  San Francisco is more or less the same and the cable cars still run.  The only place on your list I haven't been to is New Orleans.  We were due to go to New York this summer until covid hit us.  We were going to meet some friends from Salisbury, Wiltshire who had never been and wanted us to show them around.  We love that town and try to go every other year.  By the way I like your comment about guns.  I hate them.  I seem to remember that you had a massive killing some years ago and then the government banned them.  Good for Oz.  That's it for now, Eddie.  I still follow the football on tv over here and am still a big Spurs fan.



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