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Hello lovely neighbours. First of all I wanted to say that I'm a big fan of this forum as well as the weekly newsletter, although I've never posted anything here myself.

Me and my girlfriend are looking into buying a house in the area. At the moment we're renting on Colina Mews, just of Green Lanes. We absolutely love it here. Food, community, transport links and much more...

Unfortunately we realised that's it's gonna be difficult for us to buy a house around here with our budget. Recently we've started looking more towards Wood Green and discovered a very decent property extremely close to the station (east of it unfortunately).

Does anyone have experience of living there? I know the area doesn't have the best reputation but places like Green Rooms and Blue House Yards are giving me hope.

We are a young couple planning to start a family soon. 

We are also looking into Noel Park, Bowes Park or simply buying something smaller/needing work and staying in the area.

I would appreciate any comments or suggestions.

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Thanks for your response Alan. We'll visit your area over the weekend. Unfortunately the market over there seems to be rather slow.

I live in Noel Park and love it: friendly neighbours, walking distance to the High Road (both good and bad), gardens front and back and a great sense of history. Not to take away from Harringay Online, but if you do want to talk to Noel Park residents, we have a similar forum called Noel Park net. 

Have you looked East of where you are now, up towards Seven Sisters? 

Yes, we have. I love it all the way up to Black Boy Lane. I'm not too sure about Seven Sisters itself but perhaps we should give it a go.

The bit around falmer rd is good too. 

Look around scotch estate. Lived here for 4 years and its getting better, good value for money i think...good luck!  

Similarly to Alan we live west, adjoining Wood Green Common. In my opinion Wood Green is a great place to live. Pro’s and con’s as with most of the wider area, but the local amenities and transport links are fantastic. Happy to answer any specific questions via DM if it helps.

If only we could afford around Wood Green Common I wouldn't think twice!

The price difference between West and East side of WG is crazy.

I’m on Maryland Road - the roads off green lane up here are quiet and some of my neighbours have lived here for over 40 years! I am right by Myddleton Road which has changed beyond all recognition with cafes, a.ting living room pub and a few shops, including a music shop. I think it’s great value. It’s a 10 minute walk from my road to Bowes Park Station and under 15 minutes to Wood Green or Bounds Green station. Nice Edwardian houses with good sized gardens. Plus lots of great Turkish shops . Downsides are the litter which is awful in all of Wood Green / Turnpike Lane, plus the area seems to feel more polluted  with every passing year. And there are some skanky uncared for patches.  But pros definitely outweigh the cons. The period houses are lovely . 



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