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The wall of the Hornsey railway yard wall along the New River path has been defaced again, just days after the previous graffiti had been cleaned up.

What gives these mindless idiots the idea that to impose  their childish scribbles, with no pretence to artistic merit, is acceptable ?

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And this one was cleared today. It seems like they're back to their pretty quick turnaround. Ok it's not pretty. But the tagging is worse. 

At least Network Rail are doing something about it in Hornsey - I think they've given up on the section of rail just outside London Bridge on the way down to Lewisham, there's just a long continuous stretch of it and far worse than on the New River walls.

Mmm, I guess that’s real city centre railway. My theory with the New River path is if you can keep on top of the small bits as and when they arise, there’ll be nothing to encourage others. Network Rail are being pretty responsive, but it still takes the local community to keep reporting it. 



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