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Also missing are two penguins. All are incredibly heavy, as they're made of concrete, and they were attached to more buried concrete with metal rods in the Mayes Road Pocket Park. Nevertheless less they've made off.  If you happen to come across them please let us know.


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Are they on Ebay yet? 

I would genuinely check Ebay though. They are selling a few there and they go for around 50 quid each. Yours might end up there. 

Sorry to hear about this, Eugene. It sounds like you even planned sensibly for attempted theft. You guys must be so angry about this.

Are you thinking about replacing them?

It'll depend on the budget Hugh. it was on the cards as someone had tried hard to take one before, rocking it back and forth, they obviously learned how to do it...

Two here that look spookily similar at almost £200 a pop




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