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Hi guys,

Haven't posted on here for a while, so I hope you'll forgive the barefaced cheek in posting this.

Long story short, following the closure of the Big Green Bookshop, Tim and a number of us have been in the process of setting up a co-operative to open a new, community-owned bookshop and events space, which Tim has dubbed the All Good Bookshop (as in "available in All Good Bookshops" [I know, I know]).

I don't mind telling you that we're very proud of how fast we've managed to get everything going since the end of January, when the BGB closed. We've put together a board of trustees, got a great comms team who've put together a lovely website and campaign, we've got two lovely logos which we will unveil soon, a load of interest from people who either wish to volunteer their services or help with funding, and we've found the perfect premises! Our application to found the co-operative is currently being processed by the FCA, so it's not all talk - this is going ahead, and the bookshop & space will be there in bricks and mortar (and books).

Anyway, we've got a launch event coming up, and we'd like to invite you to attend:

Hello Book Lovers wherever you are

We’ve reached a tricky part of the bookshop planning process. Lots of things happening all at once. Which is brilliant, but nerve wracking.

We’ve planned a launch for the business at 2pm on Saturday the 11th May at Haringey Civic Centre in the Council Chambers. All welcome.

We’ve found a property that’s nearly perfect, but we might lose it if we don’t move quickly enough.
We’re going to be a society (a bit like a building society) and our registration is currently with the FCA. Which takes about 2 weeks to process. Nail-biting stuff, isn't it?

We need cash to get this up and running, and we will soon have a crowdfunding page and shares will be available through the website.

Here’s how you can help:

1 – Lend us money
The biggest help you could give us right now would be to lend us money. We’re looking for
an unsecured 3-5 year loan of £15,000 or 3 loans of £5,000. This would mean we

• Put a deposit down on a new venue and open quickly
• Pay the first 3 months’ rent
• Put in disabled access
• Buy stock

You’d be lending to the All Good Bookshop co-operative group, not a single person, and we’d be happy to agree a small amount of interest. You’ll also get your name put on our ‘We made the All Good Bookshop’ plaque/decoration – a permanent part of the shop.
Interested, or know someone who would be? Please contact us –

2 – Buy shares!

When the company is registered, we’ll be able to sell shares. We’re a co-operative group. So, if you buy shares, you get a vote in what we do with the shop and how we run it. You’ll also get an invite to our annual general meeting. You’ll even get an ongoing discount, and other member benefits. Soon you will be able to buy pre-registered shares on our website for £100, or by donating £100 to our fundraiser when it goes live.

3 – Join our crowd-funding campaign!

If you join our crowd-funding campaign, it’ll really help us to secure premises and start up and run for the first two years. It means you’ll be a big part of helping establish something new, exciting and permanent in Wood Green/Turnpike Lane. We have a reward tier, so you’ll be getting something for your donation. We’ll have full details of how to get involved, and we’ll tell you about some of the benefits of being a member of the All Good Bookshop Cooperative at the launch.

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This sounds great and I’d love to help. Is there a link we can follow to do the above? Sorry if i’m missing something.

Hi Alexa,

That's great, thanks very much! The launch on May 11th at the Haringey Civic Centre is when we'll be letting everyone know exactly how they can get involved with the fundraising. Please come along!

Any one who can't make the launch can get the news by signing up here


Hi guys,

Just a reminder that we're having the fundraiser launch event for the All Good Bookshop at Haringey Civic Hall tomorrow at 2pm, hope to see some of you there.




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