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After 31 years in the force, the last 25 of which have been in Harringay ward, Glyn Kelly is finally hanging up his truncheon.

It's been an amazing gift, and I'm sure quite a rare one in 2018,  to have had the continuity of a real beat bobby on our patch for the past quarter century. Added to that Glyn personally has been a real asset. He's taken the time to get to know his beat and he's been a reassuring, friendly and competent presence.

As far as HoL has been concerned, Glyn immediately understood the role that social media could play in local policing many years before the Met's decision makers. He bravely went out on an organisational limb and joined Harringay Online very early in its life. Until he was yanked off it by his bosses, he made great use of the site and his story was shared across the Metropolitan Police (I'm sure helping to shape their eventual arrival at the Social Media party).

So here's raising a virtual glass to our long-time Geordie beat bobby. Glyn, thanks for everything and I wish you all the best in your retirement.

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Well I would say you very much deserve a break. Having lived in the area since 95, I have seen you at so many events, a reassuring face just in case. I have never had personal dealings with you, just a nod and a smile as I have seen you around so many times over the years. And what a smashing picture of you that is

Glyn - You have given brilliant support across the St Anns Ward as well as Harringay. I first met you in 2000 at a community event at Chestnuts Park Community Centre working with various community groups and the Gardens Residents Assoc. May we all from our association wish you a fantastic retirement and thank you for everything you have done for us and the community at large and the Borough, you will be truly missed by everyone who has known you and worked with you.

Best of luck and thank you . Andy and all from the  Gardens Residents Association (GRA) 

Andy you have no idea what a pleasure it`s been and how much I will miss it. it`s only just starting to sink in

Sorry to hear he's going but hope he enjoys his retirement

Here's a photo by the MPS of Glyn at his leaving do at The Salisbury. Sorry I couldn't make it Glyn, but even for you the trip from Addis Ababa was a mite too far.



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