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Hedeghog Street is a new campaign aimed at encouraging us all to help protect the now endangered British hedgehog.

Apparently they're going well in city gardens. We know they're in Harringay from all the previous posts on the topic. So there's much we can do locally.

Here's what the campaign has to say.

We know hedgehogs are in trouble. We’ve lost a third of all our hedgehogs since the millenium.

Hedgehogs love gardens, and fortunately there are around half a million hectares of garden in the UK. We know what hedgehogs need to survive in gardens.

Hedgehogs need access to lots of gardens to survive, so we are encouraging everyone to cooperate.

Our Hedgehog Champions

That’s where you come in. More than 70,000 Hedgehog Champions are registered on this website, forming a vibrant and enthusiastic community. Champions help us make a real difference for hedgehogs all over the country.

Explore the photo galleries for a taste of what’s happening and how you can help.


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Have to have gaps in hedges and fences all along the ladder and Gardens to encourage them.



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