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I have recently been having problems getting onto some websites via Safari on my MacBook. It's quite old now but I don't particularly want to invest in a new computer if I don't have to. Some websites are fine but others aren't. Do any other Macbook users have any tips or recommendations please

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You could also try Firefox and Chrome - there are Firefox versions for very old Macs.

I'm a Mac user and find that Safari can have some issues sometimes. I've no idea why, but for that reason, I keep a copy of Chrome and Firefox too. So I can switch to them in the event of any issues. It's the easiest solution. 

Thank you. Using Chrome seems to have helped. Much appreciated!!!

A couple of months ago, Apple stopped supporting certain of their software components. Since April 14th, the FCA rules regarding online security (in particular checkouts) kicked in. This has particularly affected Mastercard, John Lewis and M&S credit cards for retailers using Worldpay. Some people using Chrome browser in Incognito mode were able to have fewer issues. However, the only real solution is to replace the device.

I work with a call centre and have thousands of calls of this nature. Sorry.

In general for both windows and mac there comes a point when updates are no longer made.

However, on Macs it can be the case that while Safari may not have the latest security methods/plugins, Chrome or Firefox still do.

For an idea of Apple support timelines you can see their policy on 'vintage' and 'obsolete' products here - though note that this is focussed on hardware repairs, and OS support is often longer:


In general it is best practice to run the latest version of the Mac operating system that can run on a device, with the latest security/functionality updates. However, Apple does continue to release updates for older systems for some years. Note that all updates, including to new Mac OS versions, are free.

How 'old'? My two MacBooks are both 2012 and seem to run Safari just fine (I don't recall having a problem). Which websites in particular? 

You will need to visit the Apple Support site where they will list the supported versions. This affects all Apple devices including iPhone and iPad. It isn't so much the type of web site, it is the web sites using this underlying software components.

Mine is probably about 10 years old now. It was a few things like being taken to a website (insurance company) which wouldn't load. Using Chrome seems to have solved it for the timbering though

Recently fixed my parents iMac after this happened using this - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WLG6XVZPF34



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