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Oscar is a young neutered male tabby cat. Reward offered for info that leads to finding him. Missing since 7th September. Please check your shed or garage. We love him so much, please help us find him!

Last seen by us on Beechfield Road N4 on 7th September, reported seen on Hermitage Road on 8th September

Please call 07949 364 072 or 0208 245 8605 if you have seen him. Many thanks.

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What area are you in? Has he been chipped?

We live on Beechfield Road, near Hermitage Road. Yes, he has been microchipped and we've reported him missing. I've put some posters up in the local area and we have rung some doorbells, also a Gum Tree advert. Can you think of any other way that I might find him? We miss him very much. Thanks.

Given your location I would contact St. Ann's Hospital. He may be in the grounds and can't quite find his way home.

Either they may have seen him or see if they would be OK with you walking round the grounds to look for him.

I'll keep an eye out round chestnuts park and surrounding area.

Thanks, yes, great idea. I did go round yesterday evening with a missing cat poster and talked to the security guy on the night duty and he let me stick it up in reception. But I will go and check again and ask them if I can have a look for him. Very grateful for you keeping an eye out, thank you!

Ours went missing for 5 days when he was 1yrs. There's a lot of stuff online with suggestions of finding them. Try seeing if any local neighbours have sheds as sometimes they get stuck in there. And one tip we used was to hang a jumper (or a piece of clothing) outside so your scent goes into the air. Don't lose hope! They're tough little things!

Thanks Michael, I will try with a smelly tshirt, great tip much appreciated. Please if anyone has any ideas how to find my cat I would be so very grateful, reward offered for any info that leads to finding him. He was last seen by us on Beechfield Road on 7th September, and was reported seen about 11.30pm on Hermitage Road on 8th September. 

Hi Katharine, 

I put some advice on this thread, hopefully it'll help you  a little: http://www.harringayonline.com/forum/topics/lost-cat-1

Hope you find him, I know how upset you must be. I lost one of mine for 6 weeks once, and got him back, so don't give up. 

Thankyou Anette for your kind advice! I'll try that scent trail idea. I am willing to try anything and everything so if anyone else has any tips or ideas to find my cat please do let me know.

also try going door to door. Again and again, that's how I found mine after 6 weeks. No everyone sees posters. The rattling treats in the streets at midnight like a complete loon could also work. You'll feel like a twit (trust me, I know!), but it might just work.. 

That's great news. Where was he?

Thanks to everyone on here who has been looking out for Oscar and who has given me advice and hope when we were still looking for him. Since then I've been catching up on some well-needed sleep and cuddles (as has Oscar!) and taking down all of the many missing cat posters I put up. We had such an amazing response, and have met many nice people in the area.

After he had been away for 3 whole days we got a call from a woman to say that he was in her garden. We asked her to take him inside and then went round to her house to get him. He was healthy looking, although he was quite distressed. When we got him home we kept him in for the night even though he was asking to be let out - I couldn't let him go so quick, it didn't seem right! But we let him out in the morning, and he came back after an hour looking very pleased with himself and he had settled back into his usual routine within a day of being home.

The way we found him in the end was by knocking on doors, and giving out a good photo. The woman who found him in her garden called because my husband had knocked on her door and spoken to her the day before. He had given her a leaflet with a few photos of Oscar and the telephone number. So that would be my advice to anyone who finds themselves in this situation - print off a leaflet/poster with your telephone number and a good photo likeness of your cat and knock on all the doors in the nearby streets. Our Oscar really didn't seem to know where he was even though he was only one block away. He might have eventually found his way home, but it could have taken several more days. From the cobwebs caught in his whiskers it seems that he had been sleeping in sheds, and from the belly he had on him he had clearly been well fed by this cat friendly neighbourhood. So if your cat goes missing, try not to worry too much, go knocking on all the doors in the area and don't give up!

Thanks again everyone!



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