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Hi, about a month ago I posted that I had found a cat.
I'm now trying to find him. He is mircrochipped and neutered black male. He is young, probably about 10 months old, very friendly and playful. He was wearing a collar however it could have come off ( black with silver and orange reflector stripes) he has a shaved patch on his front right leg.

He could have made his way back to his origional owners but since he had worms and flees I'm not sure if he was cared for before I took him in. I think he went exploring and got lost.

Please let me know if you see him.



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What area / street Jo ?

He disappeared from Homecroft Road - Wood Green. There was a possible sighting around Tower Gardens.
Hi, just an update. The cat is now home safe and sound.


Hooray!  Sounds like he is with the right person now 



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