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Whilst playing with the kiddies at lordship Rec, this afternoon-we moved ourselves under a tree to get some shade. We, as always did a quick reccy of the area and discovered a strange plastic shape which under inspection turned out to be a machete style knife. Children were all packed up and we brought a park ranger over to collect the weapon, he discovered hidden at the same spot another huge carving knife. Both knives had a wrapping of some kind around the handles, these were hidden under a tree, either to be kept safe for a later date or hidden from a search.
Please make sure you don't allow your children to run off alone to an area you haven't personally surveyed. These knives were not deep in the ground and I hate to think what would have happened if we didn't survey the area first!
I was informed the police would be consulted and the park ranger took the knives and wrapped them straight away.. the knives were hidden under a tree, by the lake. Within site of the hub and play ground.

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"Please make sure you don't allow your children to run off alone to an area you haven't personally surveyed." <- a shame nobody ever says this about the world online...

A few years ago my son and his friend found a large knife semi-hidden in Fairland Park and decided to bring it home wrapped up in his school jumper.

I phoned 101 to explain what had happened and was told to take it to the nearest police station at some stage.

But the main piece of advice I was given was because he was 10 years old at the time, he was of an age to be charged with criminal responsibility and should have told an adult rather than bring the knife home. I explained this to him and his friends with the added warning of not touching injection type needles, guns or anything else they happened to come across which might be 'interesting' to curious children.

Thanks for this. I'm afraid I'm guilty of only looking out for dog poo when I go to the park. Next time I will be a bit more aware of what the kids might find!
It's incredibly sad that this is something we need to look for when taking kids to the park. Thank you for the warning.



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