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I'm looking for one piece of reclaimed wood, about 1 metre (slightly less is fine) for a shelf.

Please let me know if you have one you would like to give away or sell.



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How deep does your shelf need to be? And how thick. Will it need to support the weight of books, for example?

Hi Dick,

Thanks for getting back to me.  Yes, it's for books if that answers your depth and thickness question.

Do you have something that might do me?



I have various bits and pieces in my workshop (on Wightman N8 0BB). If you pop round sometime we ought to be able to find something.

Depth is about how far your books stick out from the back to front. Thickness is about the strength. I had to look up what is normallly meant by "floating shelf" and I guess you don't mean to have invisible supports. May I ask what you intend to have under the shelf holding it up?

Hi again Dick,

So, deep enough for average sized books to fit on, 10 to 15 of them I'd say not particularly heavy books.  

I suppose 'floating' is a bit ambiguous, and maybe even incorrect as the brackets I have would attach to the sides of the wood and are visible.

I'd be happy to come and have a look at what you have, when would be a good time for you? 

I live near woodgreen station so its not that far.



I have sent you a connection request. Some time today would be OK as I expect to be at home most of the time. 

I've got some offcuts from scaffold boards that might suit. I used them to make a garden table. Can't seem to load photos. Downside is I'm in N18. If interested pm me.


Thanks for your message. I'm due to call to someone today and possibly pick up a piece.  If that doesn't work out, I'll get back to you.





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